“What does it take to be a Senior Nomad? Should you want to become one, a few requirements: Be willing to cast off your stuff and accumulate no more; have a flexible definition of what it means to be at home; master the Excel spreadsheet; accept, and even grudgingly appreciate, the ubiquity of Ikea.”

– The New York Times · February 2015


“Since hitting the road about 1,000 days ago, the couple has become known as the Senior Nomads, silver couch surfers on an endless, Airbnb-powered trip around the world…”

– Conde Nast Traveller · March 2016

“Last summer, Michael and Debbie finally cut ties at ‘home’ and sold their Seattle townhouse. They plan to keep traveling: ‘We will keep doing this as long as we are having fun, learning everyday, staying close to our budget and we’re still in love.’”

– Business Insider · July 2016

“According to their sums, travelling around the world, living in other people’s homes costs them about the same as it would to be ‘sitting on a porch in our rocking chairs’ in the States.”

– Irish Independent · June 2016

"And the former marketing executive and graphic designer are not fat-cat types who can just retire like they’re on vacation. These erstwhile Seattleites have perfected the frugal art of it.”

– The New York Post · April 2016