A "PEARL" of Wisdom

We are currently in Sydney, Australia where we were asked to do an interview with the Daily Mail. We learned from the Airbnb communications team that the Daily Mail Australia forms part of a global offering that attracts more than 230 million readers worldwide - making it the world's largest English-speaking news website.

We were given a heads up on some of the questions we might be asked. One of those was "what tips could we offer someone searching for their first Airbnb."

We have given our suggestions on this topic dozens of times, in dozens of ways, but this morning as we were preparing for the interview, Michael wondered if we could possibly create an acronym that would help people remember our advice. So just like moving letter tiles around during our Scrabble matches, we formed the word PEARL. That stand for Price, Expectations, Amenities, Reviews, and Location. Bingo!

If you are familiar with the Daily Mail you already know it is chock-a-block full of stories and ads you won't necessarily find in the New York (or London)Times. They are a more "colorful" publication, and we had fun with Matilda, our young reporter. She was enthusiastic, professional and made us seem very wise.

We had the interview this morning and the article was online this afternoon! Here's a link to the story so you can read our newly minted PEARL approach.


Working side by side for almost five years!

Working side by side for almost five years!

Thanks for following along,

Debbie and Michael

The Senior Nomads